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Updating with every recent technological advancement, we endeavor to render the best suited service to you, making you take pride in partnering with us.

AI Services.

Base2 is equipped with technical experts and technological adeptness to strategize and thoroughly implement projects incorporating Artificial Intelligence.

AR & VR.

Our business consultation team aids organisations in discovering the potential domains of their business models that has vast scope to incorporate Augmented reality and virtual reality. To get a glimpse of the technology in action, we offer workshops that demonstrate the most practical applications of AR & VR in an innovative fashion.



Be it a start up or a conglomerate, every project at Base2 is implemented with the same utmost level of cautioness and skillfullness. While strategizing a website, We strenuously ideate from a client’s point of view and design interfaces from a user’s angle. This enables us to come up with invigorated websites combining the best of both worlds.
With over 6 years of expertise in developing custom made websites, we have traversed the lengths and breaths of most of the industries including healthcare, e-commerce, education, media fashion and a lot more. We have equipped ourselves with the recent technical updates available in the spectrum to serve you better.

Mobile Apps.

Android App Development

Base2 has been developing mobile apps on android right from its inception. Our team of android developers are exposed to a gamut of challenges that demanded precise skillset to incorporate each and every idea of a client – be it most crazy or unimaginably creative, into the app.

iOS App Development

iPhones App Store is flooded with a million apps, making it mandatory for establishments to forey into the domain to further strengthen their brand value. Our top-notch developers have leveraged us to become pioneers in iPhone app development.
Our iOS app development process is fueled by innovation and propelled by brainstorming, keeping us much ahead of the crowd.

Brand Communication &

Digital Marketing.

Digital mediums should be leveraged to create more personalised, convenient, relevant, and engaging user experiences. Though digital marketing our team can help businesses optimise campaigns as well as develop customised strategies. Our digital marketing services cover websites, social media, content creation and scheduling, search engine optimisation (SEO), & online advertisements.



Our technology solutions consultants help our clients solve complex business issues and ideas through implementing latest technologies. From strategy, through design, implementation, managed services, and our experience helps you identify the right solutions to gain visibility into your product which help you achieve your business goals.

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Whether you are looking to create a new product or update an old design, we are here to assist you.

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