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Stages involved in the Agile Project Methodology


The Agile Methodology process also goes through its own life cycle. There are 6 phases in this approach, which are explained, followed by an example of a mobile app development project, named Coach.Concept: In this step of the agile development process, the team envisions and prioritizes projects according to their importance. Some teams may work on more than one project simultaneously, depending on the organization’s departments.

Inception: Once the project has been identified, team members work with stakeholders to determine and discuss requirements. Here, flow diagrams may be used to understand how the new feature will function and fit into the existing system.

Iteration/Construction: Once the requirements have been defined for the initial sprint based on the feedback of the stakeholders, the real work starts—the project team begins to work on development. UX designers and developers begin work on their first iteration of the project.

Release: At this stage, you are very close to release the product into the real world. Quality testing, training, both internal and external as well as documentation and reporting are put into production.

Production: This stage involves ongoing support for the software release. The Agile method helps keep track of your project and make sure it is constantly optimized and ready to bounce back from any sudden changes or uncertainties.

Retirement: At this stage, you remove the system release from production. In short, it is the end of life of these activities.

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