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Selection of mobile development platform


BASE 2 has come up with the Mobile app development is by challenging and rewarding at the same time. We already know that no single mobile platform – whether it’s iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone – has clear dominance over the other, so it’s inevitable to develop apps for all these platforms on both smartphones and tablet screens.


Eventually, it becomes highly critical to choose a development methodology that meets your cross-platform goals.

HTML5-based apps

One of the approach currently used by most of the organizations is HTML5-based development, which helps them reduce custom development costs for all the platforms. Though HTML-5 development is definitely a cost-saver, it does not provide the advantage of leveraging the native APIs and device capabilities.

Native apps

Native apps are built for a specific platform using the platform SDK, tools, and languages that are typically provided by the platform vendor. Native apps are conventionally superior in terms of performance and provide access to important device attributes such as geo-location API, camera, video, audio, etc.

Hybrid apps (Native + HTML5)

Another approach is to go for HTML5 development wherein the application resides in native containers, thus combining the capabilities of both HTML5 and native development, and leveraging the core functionality of all platforms.

Choosing the right app development approach depends upon the business requirements. The key is to choose the right framework that is scalable enough to meet the ever-changing technology and user requirements.

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