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6 key factors which really matter while planning an Enterprise Mobility Strategy


The rapid development of mobile devices certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. For many companies, they see it as an opportunity to embrace the mobile revolution, especially since a lot of people today are always with their mobile devices. In fact, from a study made by IDG Research Services, 70% of the organizations that they queried mentioned that they are or will be using enterprise applications in the near future.

If your company hasn’t done so, then maybe it is time for you to consider having us to do your enterprise level work. We are an expert in the field and to convince you further, we will tell you some of the things that matter in an Enterprise Mobility app.

1.Cross Platform
2. Consistent Connectivity
3. Employee Privacy
4. Controlling the application, not the device
5. Features required in the Enterprise Mobility application
6. Measuring the Cost-Benefit of Enterprise Mobility application

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