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5 Key Factors to building successful Enterprise Mobility Applications


In our earlier post about Enterprise Mobility Strategy we talked about the best practices for building a flawless strategy for enterprise mobility. Once you have the enterprise mobility strategy in place, the next step is to plan and build enterprise mobility applications and ensure successful app management across the enterprise.

We know that mobile devices and mobile applications are driving the way we do business today. More and more organizations are looking to harness the countless possibilities that result from deploying mobile enterprise applications for internal as well as customer-facing mobile solutions.

According to BASE 2 research, the number of smartphones is projected to exceed 6.7 billion by 2015 worldwide, creating huge opportunities for consumer-oriented businesses. Also, consumer-facing mobile app development will continue to outpace development of Web apps and application development in general through 2014.

While security is still the biggest concern for mobile enterprise apps, other issues such as development, deployment and maintenance of these apps in business environment continue to haunt the IT managers and decision makers.

Following are some key factors that enterprises should consider in order to build highly resilient mobile enterprise applications and ensure their enterprise-wide acceptance and roll-out.

1. Clarity of business goals and objectives
2. Build apps keeping end users in mind
3. Selection of mobile development platform
4. Build a policy to manage the app within the enterprise
5. Application security

The question is which side you are on. It’s quite evident that no one can escape enterprise mobility, so it all boils down to how soon and how effectively you can make this transformation.

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