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The Future of Mobile Marketing


Mobile devices – it’s power of reach and ease of flow of information can bring in huge impact when chosen and used as an effective marketing medium.

But, is it for the better or for worse?

Discussed at a recent conference on the Future of Mobile Devices and Mobile Marketing. Three things came up:

1 – New actions – Actions were limited to clicks, then moved to swipes, then fingers (like zooming in and typing), then hands and after that face recognition with many more to come. With VR and AR, more and more possibilities are there for using this medium as a marketing channel

2 – Mystery – Or investment – A strong reason for the user to come back to the device or platform

3 – Emotions – Advertising based on the ability to understand and target individual emotions in real time by connecting through emotions like- sadness, guilt and boredom

Inspired from: Advit Sahdev

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