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Flutter vs React Native


In the current age, when everything is just about a touch or swipe or everything you need can be found on a single click, it has become vital that the tools for app development must also keep up with the enduring technological revolution. As technology advances, app developers have more options at hand when it comes how to develop an app.

Precisely, the hybrid app development segment seems to have grown rapidly as more companies are seeing the pros of developing a single app that can work seamlessly on Android & iOS devices with a single codebase.

Well, in that case, React native has gained quite a reputation for cross-platform mobile development since its commencement by Facebook in 2015. However, Flutter, Google’s response to React Native that was initially launched in 2017 is not far behind.

In the given blog, the two warriors React Native & Flutter would compete against each other based on different parameters of app development & will prove as proficient

This would also help business owners, startups selecting the best one for their mobile app development project at an ease. One thing also they can do is they can also hire developers from top mobile app development companies to strive their full stack development work.

1. Performance
2. Formation of UI Blocks
3. Documenting & Tooling
4. Development Time
5. Stability
6. Who Has Strong Customer-Base?

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