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Customer Value or Customer Satisfaction?


Imagine the scene……

India vs Srilanka – Final World Cup Match!

Yuvraj and Dhoni are batting and India needed 52 runs to win from 52 balls!

Gambhir scores 97 runs and he was out and Dhoni scores 91 runs!

India wins the match off the last before over and it was a thrilling victory! A fantastic nail-biting finish!

Customer Value:

Achieved? Definitely!

What more can one want than a nail-biting finish between India and Srilanka with India winning in the end in 2011!

Customer Satisfaction:

From Gambhir innings? Nope – too slow, we expected a more aggressive inning from him along with that he should play till the end.

From Dhoni’s innings? Yes! -the finisher delivered when it was required of him to deliver!

Customer Value gets news #buyers while Customer satisfaction #retains them.

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