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Why small scale business people are not getting good business in the market now?


Nowadays businesses are been scattered with a wide range of funnels. 75-80% of the small business people are not ready to accept the technology to be implemented for their business, due to cost expenditure involved in it. But the world is transforming the business from offline to online with wide range of platforms, where they can explore their business through the mediums.

People are fear about the technology because of the knowledge in it and where that tehnology is going to disturb their business. So BJP sarkar has come with the scheme for the small and medium size business as “Startup-India”, here Govt is helping the business people with the wide range of technology opportunities. Still some business people are not ready to take a risk on the technology part.

For example: You have a CPU service shop / a venture, still small business people are getting business via the references. So we have done and R&D and started a new venture named “Startup Bro”, we are the brother for their businesses, by consulting how to promote their services, how to showcase them in the market, how to get more customers with less amount of money in a digitized way and much more.

Planning or Thinking!! How to get more business in today’s world ?

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